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Own Facilities and Certified Technical Personnel

Specialized Technical Service

Protecting the investment made by our clients is part of our value proposition, which is why we incorporate services through our Technical Team and the Certified and Approved laboratory, for the enablement and repair of POS terminals.

Our multi-brand laboratory, equipped with all the necessary software and hardware tools for the complete management of the technical service, allows us to execute key loading, firmware loading, application loading and updating, repairs of different levels with original parts and spare parts, and quality control.

At the same time, our technical team stays updated by the brands on normative procedures and the latest applied technologies.

The characteristics of our facilities facilitate the proper handling of clients’ equipment for the customization and repair process. They also offer storage for periods, as well as logistics and distribution services to businesses.

In this way, from Grupo Enofir, we continue to support our clients in their operational processes, providing agile and quality services to ensure the success of their management.
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—Congreso + Streaming + Expo + Networking —

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