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Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Cybersecurity

En GRUPO Enofir Systems, nos enorgullece ofrecer servicios de consultoría y servicios técnicos especializados que marcan la pauta en la industria. Con presencia en más de cinco países, nuestro compromiso es brindar soluciones innovadoras y seguras para el ecosistema de los pagos, así como impulsar el crecimiento de su empresa aprovechando al máximo las nuevas tecnologías, como la Inteligencia Artificial.

Seguridad Informática

Industries have been marked by security concerns since their inception.

And like all technology, security and protection needs have evolved and become more complex over time.

In the Payments industry, we always talk about security standards, but security doesn’t only apply to payment transactions. Therefore, at Grupo Enofir, we have expanded our offerings to bring to the regional market one of the globally recognized solutions for internal threat prevention.

Kron’s solution stands out for its speed of implementation, delivering efficiency and security for companies across different segments.

Known as SingleConnect – PAM (Privileged Access Management), it brings to the forefront the relevance of a solution designed to protect organizations against cyber threats by monitoring, detecting, and preventing unauthorized access to critical resources through the combination of people, processes, and technologies to provide visibility into who uses privileged accounts and what they do during their connection.

Módulos de Single Connect

• Dynamic Password Controller
• Threat analytics
• Privileged Session Manager
• Two-Factor Authentication
• Privileged Task Automation
• Database Access Manager
• Unified Access Manager

Challenges to Overcome with PAM Single Connect:

  • Non-personal Superuser Accounts
  • Shared Credentials
  • Outdated Passwords
  • Personal Administrative Rights
  • Trust-Based Processes
  • Excessive Privileges Beyond Requirement
  • Limited/No Visibility

Benefits of Implementing PAM Single Connect:

  • No Exposure of Credentials
  • Prevention of Outdated Passwords
  • Elimination of Personal Privileges
  • Accountability
  • Principle of Least Privilege
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Regulatory Compliance

Inteligencia Artificial​

Technology challenges us to live at the speed at which it evolves.

That’s why Grupo Enofir deepens its value proposition to the market and ensures its commitment to innovation by representing two global solutions in Artificial Intelligence.

From fraud detection processes to improving customer experience, Artificial Intelligence intersects with many of the solutions implemented and allows us to:

  • Make better decisions in predictive processes that can modify the outcome in terms of volume, immobilized stock, product distribution, achieved sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability,
  • Automate large data structures, optimizing companies’ storage,
  • Identify anomalies or suspicious events such as fraud or product quality,
  • Image recognition to extract relevant business information,
  • Ability to use data and systems by their meaning rather than their word.

Through the solutions of IA Solvers and Lexistems, Grupo Enofir presents new capabilities for the transformation of your business.

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