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Payment Ecosystem​

Platforms for Acquirers / Aggregators / PSP Payment
Terminals Management and Security Tools

Our value proposition integrates necessary and modular components to implement a comprehensive payment solution for Issuing and Acquiring entities, Processors, Fintechs, Banks, and Retailers.

The solutions we offer at Grupo Enofir enable us to provide various commercial, functional, and technological formats, allowing expert selection based on your business objectives.

In today’s Omnichannel world, both processing and information are equally vital. Hence, we address challenges of both present and future worlds, operating in what we term as multiple environments, catering to diverse countries, currencies, acquirers, products, and languages.

With a model of rapid and effective technological integration, ensuring high availability, security, stability, and scalability.

Whether you seek to establish a closed payment ecosystem between your banking entity and affiliated merchants or integrate embedded finance into your business to enhance payment experiences for your customers, our expertise and solutions brought through our Strategic Alliances will bring you closer to the desired outcome.

Our value proposition offers modular and comprehensive solutions for financial entities

Payment Networks

Acquiring networks require better and updated functionalities every day. To accompany technological evolution, to increase the profitability of their merchants, and to enhance the customer experience.

At Grupo Enofir, we bring to the region hardware, software, and management and security application so that our clients can deliver these features to the market.

Our solution portfolio stands out in the breadth of Android platforms, with Mobile, PIN Pads, and Self-Service versions, to efficiently address market segmentation.

Our team of experts accompanies you in evaluating the opportunity to bring the best options for your definition.

Our SmartPOS Terminals

SmartPOS Newland

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Como Sponsors, te invitamos a formar parte del “Payments Day 2024”, que cuenta no sólo con el mejor contenido, sino además con la mejor tecnología para dar forma a un evento que está a la altura de los mejores del mundo en banca digital y fintech.